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Mile High Endurance is recorded in the Rocky Mountain front range area in Denver, Colorado. 55 miles to the north is the triathlon 'Mecca' of Boulder, home of some of the most prominent pros in triathlon and related sports. 56 miles to the south is the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. The Olympic Complex in Colorado Springs is the flagship training center for the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Olympic Training Center programs. The 110 mile stretch between Boulder and Colorado Springs is one of the fittest and athletic populated areas in the world. I share these statistics, not so much to brag but to give you the listener context for what the culture and vibe is here in the Mile High area. ​The objective of the Mile High Tri podcast is to connect you to the triathlon community and empower you to achieve your triathlon and fitness goals. Each month we will take subjects that you are interested in and connect your interests with news, expert interviews, and information about services and products in a way that inform your decisions to achieve your full potential in the sport.
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Nov 26, 2017


Welcome to Episode #101 of the Mile High Endurance podcast.  Mile High Endurance is your weekly connection to coaches, experts and pro athletes to help you reach your endurance and triathlon goals.  We're your hosts Rich Soares and Bill Plock and we are glad you are joining us for another week of endurance interviews and discussion.  Khem Suthiwan is on vacation in Iceland for the next couple of episodes.

We have an awesome interview with coach Sara McLarty joining us this week to give us an update on the last couple of months of ITU racing and talk about swim drills that can help you improve your swim form in the off season.  Bill, do you know what shark drill is and what part of your stroke it helps?   Don't sweat it - Sara is going to explain it to us.


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Last week's guest

Thanks to last week's guest coach Joanna Zeiger who joined us to talk about her book "The Champion Mindset - An Athlete's Guide to Mental Toughness."  If you missed it, go back and listen to last week's episode.  Also, my brother Roger posted about Joanna's YouTube Channel "Everyman Triathlon".  I checked it out and got a kick out of her videos "Ambushed: Extreme Run Makeover".  Brandon DelCampo and Joanna Zeiger

We'll have Joanna Zeiger, PhD back on the show in a few weeks to talk about her new project "Train The Pain Away". 

Discussion Teasers

Before we get into the interview, let's catch up with Bill.  How was your Thanksgiving?  What do you want to chat about after the interview with Sara?


  • Island House Triathlon
  • NXR SW Team Results

Interview Setup

Sara McLarty is a professional triathlete. In the world of triathlon, she is considered a fast swimmer.  She was known has being the "first out of the water" at every race. One of her biggest leads was 90 seconds at the 2006 World Cup in Ishigaki, Japan.

Most of her competitions were international-distance and draft-legal.  She competed against the best in the world at World Cup and World Championship races.

She also enjoy competing in the famous American races: Escape from Alcatraz, Lifetime Fitness and Chicago. She would battle men like Andy Potts and Hunter Kemper in the waters of San Francisco Bay.

Are you ready for that super-special swimming secret? Are you ready to discover how to be "first out of the water"?

First, join the local swim team when you are 4 years old. Find a great coach who focuses on basic techniques and emphasizes the importance of developing a beautiful stroke. Swim year-round on a club team for 10 years and race your teammates in the pool every day. Then, if you are still healthy and enjoying the water, head off to a top swimming college (like the University of Florida) for four more years.

Your next best option is to listen to the interview we have coming up right now with Sara.  Should we get it rolling?


Sara McLarty

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Host Discussion Topics

Welcome back.  I love talking to Sara.  She's has great information and energy and she definitely knows her stuff.  If you haven't gone to the Central Florida Masters site, check it out.  We talked about which if you are going to the Orlando area, you absolutely have to check it out.  We went to Orlando in October of 2009 about 6 weeks before Ironman Cozumel and I needed a place to get some swimming in.  I got on and got on the forums to find Orlando swimming info and someone recommended Lucky's Lake Swim.  I went out there one morning around 6am.  I did a couple laps, met Lucky, wrote my name on the bottom of his deck, got the patch and bumper sticker.

Bill's Topics

  • Strava - how social media motivates you

Rich's Topics -

  • Stryd running power meter
  • Island House Triathlon - Island House Triathlon Stage 1 & 2 Highlights
    • All of the Ironman and ITU athletes in the same place
  • Formats
    • Running dives into the water
    • Starting a run with googles in hand


Girls Championship Team Scores


Vail Valley Running Club 1 97

Vista Nation XC 2 124

Broomfield XC 3 134

Lone Peak 4 196


Desert Hills Running Club 6 272

Pine View XC Club 7 285


American Fork XC Club 9 306

Mountain View UT 10 311

Davis XC 11 317

ABQ XC 12 337

Wolfpack XC 13 344

Exceler8 14 349

Knight Time Runners Club 15 372

Maple Mountain Golden Eagles 16 377

Westlake Thunder 17 378

GTD-X 18 409

Wild West 19 434

Louisville XC 20 460

RCXC 21 468

REAL Training 22 478


Left Hand Cross 24 553

RamsXC 25 656

Thunder 26 690

Rattler Distance Project 27 768



Boys Championship Team Scores


Vista Nation XC 1 80

Springville Cross Country 2 149

Timpanogos 3 203

Thunder 4 235

American Fork XC Club 5 247

RCXC 6 263

Dakota XC Club 7 265

Creek XC 8 266

RamsXC 9 296

T-Birds XC 10 298

Olympus XC 11 300

Louisville XC 12 317

Herriman XC 13 336

REAL Training 14 346

Lone Peak 15 352

Riverton XC Club 16 366

Exceler8 17 383

Davis XC 18 398

Skyridge XC Club 19 449

Desert Hills Running Club 20 464

Warrior Track Club 21 491

Stansbury XC Club 22 504

Storm XC Club 23 525

O-Town Tigers 24 528

Volcano Vista Distance Project 25 531

Pine View XC Club 26 552

Runnin Devils 27 655



Girls Large School Team Scores


Vista Nation XC 1 85

Fossil Ridge Track Club 2 104

Colorado Flyers 3 172

Davis XC 4 200

Lone Peak 5 223

Riverton XC Club 6 240

American Fork XC Club 7 290

GTD-X 8 291

Viewmont Running 9 306

ThunderStruck 10 312

West Track Club 11 332

Rio Rancho XC Club 12 333

Neener XC 13 340

Skyridge XC Club 14 368

Westlake Thunder 15 388

Volcano Vista Distance Project 16 401

T-Birds XC 17 408

Louisville XC 18 421

DCC Thunder 19 446

Shadadors 20 451

Boulder Creek Running Club 21 623

Alta Track Club 22 652

Thunder 23 657

CDSXC 24 665

Storm XC Club 25 680

RCXC 26 683

Huskies Country 27 699

Husky Cross Country 28 748

Cool Blue Reason 29 786

Bobcats 30 821

Rincon UHS 31 1027


Boys Large School Team Scores


Left Hand Cross 1 133

Davis XC 2 180


Vista Nation XC 4 195

Neener XC 5 251

Westlake Thunder 6 275

DCC Thunder 7 312

Beak Performance 8 316

Fossil Ridge Track Club 9 327


Lasercats 11 389

Titan Clash Colorado 12 396

Poudre River Runners 13 444

Liberty Bell Running Club 14 474

Bear Cave XC Club 15 504

CDSXC 16 510

Vegas Diamondbacks RC 17 595

Louisville XC 18 632

Skyridge XC Club 19 656

Totah XC 20 690

Aggie Running Club 21 723

Viewmont Running 22 723

Thunder 23 731

51 Union Project 24 736

Huskies Country 25 740

Bobcats 26 752

Geico Insurance Running Club 27 776

Cool Blue Reason 28 787

Buffaloes 29 793

Sundevil XC 30 796

T-Birds XC 31 821

Wolfpack XC 32 823

Rocky Mountain XC Club 33 909

Falcon Cross Country 34 911

Knight Time Runners Club 35 916

Colorado Flyers 36 925

ThunderStruck 37 939

Mustang Milers 38 964

Alta Track Club 39 975

Caballeros Running Club 40 1014

RCXC 41 1041

Pollos Guerreros 42 1044

Team OCXC 43 1111

Husky Cross Country 44 1126

Storm XC Club 45 1179

Volcano Vista Distance Project 46 1199

Boulder Creek Running Club 47 1266

Los Leones 48 1509

Red Mountain Running Club 49 1526

West Track Club 50 1540

Wolves Running Club 51 1599

100 Mile Club 52 1616


Upcoming Interviews

  • Andrew Talansky on his first triathlon.  We'll also have Dan Chao (co-founder and CEO of Halo NeuroScience joining us to talk about their partnership with Andrew and how he's using the Halo Sport fits in with his training and qualification for Kona 2018.
  • Rocky Harris, CEO of USAT about his vision for triathlon and USAT
  • Coach Erik Kenny on to talk about a couple of books he recommended to me - "the sports gene" and "talent is over rated"
  • Coach Ken Axford to talk about bike handling skills
  • We are going to invite Jim Vance back to talk about his book Triathlon 2.0
  • We are also going to have Joanna Zeiger back to talk about "train the pain away"
  • I'd like to invite Travis Macy, author of the Ultra Mindset to join us to talk about his book, which is as much about life skills and mental toughness as it is about ultra marathons
  • Still in conversation with Don Reichart about Spartathlon, and the US Spartathlon team


303 Triathlon

Our show is also supported by 303 Triathlon and 303 Cycling are your resource for news and events on triathlon and cycling in Colorado.  303Radio is your news podcast.

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That's it for the show.  Stay tuned, stay informed, and enjoy the endurance journey!

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